Copycat Caramel Macchiato

 What better way to start off your morning than with a deluxe coffee drink that takes just a mere minutes to make and saves you tons of $?!


Step 1. Gather all your ingredients. I have linked them below for you.

  1. Milk (I use whole, but you can use your preference)
  2. Caramel Syrup – linked here OR bigger size linked here
  3. Pump for syrup (bigger size) – linked here
  4. Vanilla Flavoring – linked here
  5. Coffee pods – linked here **GREAT DEAL FOR K CUP PODS**
  6. Mason Jar mug – similar ones linked here
  7. Small coffee cup (any you have at home)

Step 2. Add enough vanilla just to cover the bottom of the cup (about 1 tablespoon – adjust to your taste).

Step 3. Add enough ice to fill ¾ of the cup.

Step 4. Add enough milk to fill ¾ of the cup.

Step 5. Brew 6 ounces of coffee in a separate coffee cup.

Step 6. Pour hot coffee into cup with milk and vanilla.

Step 7. Add 2-3 pumps of caramel (depending on how sweet you like your coffee).

Step 8. Stir well, and enjoy! 

Bunches of Blessings,


P.S. Final Product Below 🙂 





Everything you need to make your own Caramel Macchiato is below. Please share and comment. 

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