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Hi everyone!

I am Reem and I am excited to be starting this blog with you all. I am a Christian, wife, mom, travel agent, lifestyle blogger, Disney lover and a gal with many hats. I love to cook, bake and I am always looking to cook and recreate dishes for my family. I love finding budget friendly and tasty meals to keep my kiddos and hubby’s tummies happy.

Recently with the way things are in our world, I have become deeply interested in finances and learning to be debt free, budget conscious, and leading a lifestyle that involves living within our means. This will be an idea I will be exploring more and hopefully get your feedback. I also started homeschooling my daughter this year – it has been a fun adventure so far and a learning experience for me. I also look forward to hearing from you on ideas on how to engage better with kids, educate them, and your thoughts on this matter as I share my experiences.

Last but not least, my faith is particularly important to me and I look for scripture to encourage me daily. I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts and some inspiration I have found during some tough times in my life. It is incredible how each of us are on a journey of knowing God more in our lives and being enriched in very unique ways.

Thank You again for visiting my blog. I hope you will follow me, share this on your social media pages, and invite your friends to check out this site.

Thank You for Visiting 😊

– Mama Reema

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